CE 2019: Nikon Debts New Nicarcor Z 14-30 mm F / 4S Lens, Z Ultimate Ultra-wide Zoom Lens System


CE 2019: Nikon Debts New Nicarcor Z 14-30 mm F / 4S Lens, Z Ultimate Ultra-wide Zoom Lens System

Premier Electronics Show (CEE) Premiering in Los Vegas today, announced the launch of its latest increase in the next generation Nikone Z Mountains: Nicarcor Z 14-30 mm F / 4S Lens.

Creative lens with light landscape, travel, event, and construction photographers and videoguheres include a lightweight optical design - compared to this 28.6% lighter and 32% horizontal neter than 16. 35mm F / 4G ED VR, Company Note. The ultra-wide zoom lens is the first to be the new Z-mount system, and was designed to be compatible with the 45.7 megapixel Nikon Z7, which paired with the 5 axis of the body when five barriers of image stability VR camera bodies in the body body contained.

"The company demonstrates the optical honor of Niker 14, 14 mm Lens Z system, maximizing compactation and portable, taking advantage of the latest high-performance lens technology." Nick Vincent, Executive Vice President, J. Vincent, announced in the company's press release.
The Nikon Notice flat flat lens element of 1.07 pounds of lens, which measures 3.5 inches to carry, makes it the ultra-wide angle zoom lens connected to the first 14 mm filter in the world. Design gives the photographers the ability to attach 82mm circular polarizers and neutral density filters, add more custom styles and the number of creative options more.
Lens include four elements of four additional display (AD) that contain four temporary elements, and anti-reflective nano crystal coat protects from extreme light conditions, which have to reduce flow and ghost during the bullets. The auto focus (AF) of the lens associated with the phase motor (STM) technology has increased, especially in situations where the camera noise has traditionally suffered.
A customized ring ring gives manual focus, aperture control, or exhibition fee, while damaging dust and drip-resistant coating technology keeps dust, moisture, greasy and dirt.
Necklace Z is available for a 14-30 mm F / 4S lens preorder order for $ 1296.95 from AdWords.
To learn more about the lens, examine Jeff Rizzo's RIZKNOWS manual in CE 2019:

How to get better light with camera flashes Flash photography tips

An indispensable part of being a photographer using a camera, especially when photography is light. But to get more confidence in using your photos, first of all it should be understood as many uses.
On the contrary, how early it is, it's not just a scene or theme. It can set the mode, emphasize image elements, and create special effects in your image, flash photography is fun and extremely useful for photographers.
In this article, we will show you the way

Flash photography tips

Flash photography tips

Being a frustrating photographer, capable of shooting in almost any kind of shooting scene with different light conditions, requires flash photography knowledge and experience.
Below, we've listed some widely used Flash photography techniques. You can use your camera's built-in flash, but for more freedom and creative control, you need to use the tips.
• Bounce the light
• Disallow your Flash
• Use ambient light
• Use colorful flash galleries
• Use TTL technology
• Enable High Speed ​​Flash Sync
• Use more than one flash

Bounce the light

One of the first and most important things to know about the desired photography is to know about flash photography. This indicates that Flash indicates your subject. After all, no one wants to see difficult, flat light and unusual shadow in his pictures.
The key to better lighting is that it means that a neutral color wall, roof, or firing reflective card on your flash - make a big light source and soften the light. Your article will hit.
The most important and most important thing the desired photographers need to learn about flash photography, indicates your subject. After all, no one wants to see a tough, flat light and unwanted shadow in his pictures.

The key to making better lighting is to bounce the flash against the second level. This means that firing a reflective card on a neutral color wall, ceiling, or flash on your flash - making a big light source and softening the light that will kill your article. .

Bonus Tip: While bouncing light, your flash with black foam or any unexpected material is to hold aside the side of the flash head and maintain all the direct light to kill your theme with your flash Flag
Wasting your flash

Photo by sheet stock
Another technique is to light up your flash to make more attractive light. Like bouncing it, the size of the flash area using a disasser, the maximum light is also generated.

Popups are flash devices and typewriters look for professional speeds, both are customizable to customize your flash coverage as well. But for bulk without a studio lighting effect, there are also mini soft boxes that can be used with your speed.

How to download Wondershare filmora free full version


How to download Wondershare  filmora  free full version

Wondershare Filmora free download full version with license key "The filmora screen recorder is the video editor software. Wondershare is a computer based on computer / laptop PCs that can record the screen and record of the video. The film is a paid video editing software to use a $ 59.99 USD per part to use the jisse.

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Vinodhir Filhora Purla Pura Features:
The user can adjust the effects and also edit audio and video.
Draw the crop, rotate, finish and fade, adjust the duration.
You will be able to create beautiful animated messages from our library titles and text.
Save your edited videos with different formats.
You can share your editing video on social media on Facebook, Twitter.
Vesarshir Filmura System Requirements:
Supported OS (64,32-bit Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows XP, Windows7 Vista, Windows 10
CPU: 1.2 GHz processor
RAM: 512 MB System Memory
HDD Free Space: 500 MB
Resolution: 1024 × 786

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WonderShare Filmora Full Version Free Download Kaise Care
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WonderShare Filmora with the free tree version of the free download version

Four Top technology trends 2019 and they will make jobs


Four  Top technology trends 2019 and they will make jobs

Technology is now growing rapidly that the annual predictions of trends remain alive as a pre-published blog position or article. As technology is developed, it also enables speed and growth, which causes high speed of change rate, as it will likely be possible.

Technology-based carriers do not come at the same speed, but they prepare, and its boyfriend recognizes the professional that he will not remain in the role. 21th Century IT workers are going to learn continuously, if needed, will be out of need.

What does this mean for you? That means to be present with technology trends. And that means to keep your eyes in the future, to know which skills you need to know and what kind of work you want to be able to do.

There are eight technology trends that you should see in 2019, and some jobs generated by these trends. Because now it is time to train yourself for emerging jobs.

1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Synthetic intelligence, or AA, has already received a lot of money in recent years, but a trend continues to see because we live, it has an impact on the initial phase of work and game. In addition, other branches of the air are prepared, including learning machine, which we will go down. AI is designed to carry out human intelligence movements and actions, such as pictures, speeches, or computer systems built for sampling and decision-making identification.

Since 1956 is already used extensively since the AI ​​has been around. In fact, five out of five Americans have utilized AE services in a form or every day, including navigation apps, streaming services, smartphone personal assistant, ride sharing apps, home personal assistant, and smart Home appliances are included. In addition to consumers' use, AI is used to save many money to train trains schedule, to assess business risk, to improve maintenance, and to improve energy efficiency.

AA, which is widely part of our automation as a part, and automation is a hot topic due to loss of potential employment. Experts say that by 2030 automation will eliminate more than 73 million jobs. However, along with automation tasks, it also ends in the field of AI: Pendants say that by 2020 jobs will be 23 million. Programming, testing, support and maintenance, to name a few. Artificial intelligence architect is one such thing. Some say that soon, the necessary figures for experts will compete with scientists.

To learn more about possible jobs in the AI, read about building a career in AI or why you should get AN certification.

2. Learning machine

The machine is the lowest of learning AA. With learning machine, computers are programming to learn about how they are not doing the program: they literally learn from the search patterns and insights from the data. Usually, we have two types of learning, monitoring, and neutral.

While machine learning is the lowest of the AA, we have subscribed to a machine-wide domain, including Neural Network, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and deep learning. Each of these subscribers provides an opportunity to specialize in a career field that will increase only.

In developing a big demand for practicing professionals, learning machine is being deployed rapidly in all types of industries. Learning machine will increase to $ 8.81 billion by 2022. Machine learning applications are used to identify data analysis, data mining and pattern. At the end of the consumer, learning machine is powerful web search results, real-time ads and network interference detection capability, it can only name a few few tasks.

Apart from fulfilling many tasks from us, it is creating jobs. At the top emerging jobs on LinkedIn, the number of machine learning jobs, about 2,000 job listings has been posted. And this job performs well: In 2017, the median salary was $ 106,225 for a machine learning engineer. Machine jobs include engineers, developers, researchers, and data scientists.

Learn more about learning machine.
Check out the video that talks about the top 10 technology trends of 2018 and compares the equality of the list or will continue to read about the store for 2019.

3. Robot Processing Automation or RPA

Like AI and machine learning, robot processing automation, or RPA, is another technology that automatically generates jobs. RPA is used to automate business operations software such as explanation of applications, transmission procession, dealing with data and responding to emails. The RPA works again and again. These are not just a low-labor laborer: 45 percent of our activities can be automatically done, including financial managers, doctors and CEOs.

Although Forester Research estimates that the RPA automation will threaten the economy of 230 million or more, about 9% of the workforce or global work force, the RPA also has new jobs while changing existing jobs. Creating McKinsey knows that more than 5% of professionals can automatically automate automatically, but about 60 percent of them can be partially automated.

In the future, while trying to understand your professional professional profession and technical trends, RPA offers opportunities for developers, project manager, business analysts, solutions, architectural consultations, and consultations. And they work well. SimplyHired.com says average RPA salary is $ 73,861, but senior solution architects are grossed by average for salary for junior level developers, with more than 10% more than $ 141, There is more than 000 earnings.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the RPA, then the robot processing automomy

4. Blockchain

Although most people think about blocks of technology in terms of cryptocurrencies, blocks security which is useful in many other ways. The easiest part of the terms, blocks can be described that you can only add, change, or change them. So the term "China" is becoming a series of data. The previous blocks are not able to change which makes it so secure. In addition, block forex is based on consensus, as described in Forbes article, so no institution could get data control. With blocks, you do not need a trusted third party to monitor or correct transactions.

This growing security is that bleach is used for cryptocurrency, and why it can contribute to the safety of personal medical data information. Blockclin can be used to improve global supply chain improvement, as described here and thus protects assets like art and real estate.

And as a use of bleach technology, demanding professionals like this is also required. In this regard, we are already behind. According to Techcrunch, the fastest growing job of employing blockchain jobs is, the opening of 14 jobs for each blockchain developer. A Blockchain Manufacturer specializes in developing and implementing architecture and solutions using Blockchain technology. The average salary of a Blichen manufacturer is $ 130,000.

However, a manufacturer's work is not available only in the blockchain space. Employees are also looking for software engineers, consultants and project managers. Jobs are available in financial institutions, but also in retail and health care, and soon manufacturers are also available.

Smart Tough - Television and The Internet


Smart Tough - Television and The Internet

Smart Tough - Television and The Internet
Smart Tough - Television and The Internet

More and more television manufacturers are developing Smart TVs. Although they vary in some ways, though most of them use this technology. Smart TV set-up box, cable or wireless adapter can be connected to the internet using the Internet. As most broadcasting videos are showing videos on demand, smart TVs are investing for the future.
There was a completely different experience watching television for decades ago. If you were lucky, you had a channel-effective channel that you can see. Depending on your roof antenna and the signal you received was sometimes bad and the complete signal was lost during the storm.
In the 1970s, cable TV chose not only different programs from viewers in different territories. The arrival of the video recorders allowed the viewers to record their shows that they were at night or when they stayed on the vacation. Satellite television in the 80s and 90s provided access to South TV channels from around the world. Internet television is growing rapidly in the past decade.
Today Smart TV offers users a new way to choose content from thousands of entertainment items. Content is often divided into genes, so when you select Comedy, a smart TV can not only present movies and movies that are currently displayed on different TV channels, but also YouTube, Violet or other video Comedy clips also show on the network. Smart TV wants its audience to see what is a broad choice. Internet companies like Amazon, iTunes and NetFax are already offering thousands of demand TV shows and play movies that you can download and watch on your TV.

Because of this wide variety of content, it takes a while to find the things you find. Smart TV has favorite signals as a favorite bookmarks bookmark or identification. Such modern TV sets are not limited to videos only. It allows you to access Facebook accounts or communicate with friends worldwide by Skype. Smart TV can communicate with or communicate with other devices like your mobile phone or desktop computer.
However, the new generation of television sets is still a long way to go before the audience is fully accepted. For one, the user interface is required to simplify. Slow and Internet connection also creates a problem. No apps want to load hours or experience a panic in the middle of a threshold.

USB - How to connect electronic device Work


USB - How to connect electronic device Work

After the 1990s, Universal Serial Bus (USB) invented a storage speed at a relatively fast rate of data from a storage space. Today, around 10 billion USB devices are in use, there is a figure that also protects Intel from Intel from Intel. USB has become a common name everywhere, in hospitals from schools and offices.
Aji Bhatt was annoyed with different types of connections that was a PC and was an easy way to connect with different parts of the computer. He tried to set uniform connection system for all PC parts and other devices. Although it was difficult for Bhatt that he had a good idea to convince the equipment of computers, it was finally approved to completely replace the computer's expansion system.
There are many advantages of USB. For one, a single port can control 128 devices at the same time. They are powerful by themselves and you do not need to close a device to make USB work. Installs a USB object itself. Just plug it and download the computer automatically for the software that you need to do this.
When the first USB devices were killed in the 1990s, they used to get quick success. Later the version of the USB device transfer speed was very good. Today's USB 3.0 standard is 400 times faster than its original USB. Millions of USB devices and adapters are being sold every day worldwide.
Intel Engineer is proud that this quality is being created that the computer industry has accepted and will be here for a while. Today's PCs and laptops are at least 3-4 USB ports. USB connectors can be found anywhere, printers, digital cameras, mobile phones and tablets.

Cool smartphone with open music application


Cool smartphone with open music application

Cool smartphone with open music application

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